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Phases of Participant’s progress in the Organization

Bartali - Youth in Movement invites the participants to join a long-term process, in which they gradually enlarge their range of personal abilities and skills, and accordingly gain increasing responsibility and independence within the organization.

1st Phase:  Intake

  • Exposure to the Organization, choosing to join, passing the selection process, joining the group.

  • Absorption in the group, connection to the cycling world, to the group and the instructor

  • Acquiring an identity as part of the group and the organization

2nd Phase: Personal and Group Empowerment

  • Acquiring basic riding skills

  • Coping  with personal challenges = personal empowerment

  • Adopting a training routine

  • Participation in peak rides and journeys

3rd Phase: Group Empowerment and Mutual Responsibility

  • Persistence in challenging group training rides

  • Setting challenging group goals

  • Participation in peak rides and group journeys

  • Helping teammates and building mutual responsibility

4th Phase: Leadership Building and giving back to the Community

  • Participation in courses and professional training: Technical Team / Instructors Course

  • Accepting roles in the youth villages and riding centers and volunteering in the community

  • Training and leadership development alongside practical experience.

5th Phase: Leadership and Giving Back to Society

  • Pre-army voluntary-service year program (Shnat Sherut) and giving back to the Israel society in its broader circles

  • Training and providing tools for social influence and meaningful doing

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