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About the Gino Bartali Youth Leadership School

Located at the Ben-Shemen Youth Village, the Gino Bartali Youth Leadership School is a multi-year program for young athletes. The youth ages 14-17, come from around the country, from different social backgrounds, and speak different languages.


They are brought together to live under the same roof as part of our goal of bridging social gaps. The students live at the school full time, following a first of its kind curriculum, combining intensive cycling training and leadership studies. Using methods of experiential learning, the students learn powerful tools for multicultural pluralism, respect, understanding, and non-violent conflict resolution. Through volunteer activities at the School and in the community, the school nurtures the idea of giving back and driving change as a way of life for these students. 


The program accepts new participants at the ages of 14-17. Applications for the 2021/2022 school year can be sent via the registration form on the website.

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